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Linda Rosa - Owner Obie Comfort Solutions - Mike has made, and continues to make, a big difference in our business. We were a bunch of well-meaning people who had our own ideas of what would improve the business and we would each march to our own drum within our personal microcosm of the company. We would have meetings where much may have been discussed, but not much action took place afterwards. We would constantly turn our direction whenever a fire came up and highlighted an area for improvement. We were overwhelmed with the number of things that we knew needed to be fixed to get to where we wanted to go. Mike has shown us a better way to accomplish our goals. We are now a group that prioritizes our needs for the best of the company as a whole. We make decisions together regarding what we will focus on each week and we hold each other accountable to get it done. We are marching together as a team. We still have our moments of getting off track and running after our own plans, but we are continuously improving at remaining constant to the mission discussed and agreed upon.  Mike has been an integral piece of this transformation. He pushes us when he knows that we could do better than we are, and he encourages us when we think that we are not doing well enough. He walks that fine balance with grace. We are still not where we want to be, but we are much further ahead than we would have been without Mike’s help. We are thrilled to have him on our side. Anyone would be blessed to have Mike’s wisdom and insight assisting their business. It would be a worthwhile investment.

Mark Lombardi - Owner CEO - Easton Country Club - I have known Mike for many years and had the pleasure of working alongside him.   He is a bright, principled entrepreneur who built a successful business from the ground up.  He is a team builder that knows how to bring individuals together, and allows them to succeed as he does.  Partnering with Michael will no doubt begin what will be a successful, results driven, long term relationship. 

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